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Paving & Landscaping Specialists

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Domestic & Commercial work undertaken in Beds, Herts, Cambs & Surrounding areas.

We have laid lawns from small town houses to big country houses and have produced beautiful lawns with great success for our clients.


We always recommend that turf should be supplied by Rolawn which is renowned for being Britains finest turf, and from experience their quality is superb.


If you have children or dogs and think that your lawn would be destroyed, then we recommend rolawns medllion turf which is extremely hardwearing and is used widely on football and rugby pitches but still remains a high quality turf.


We can erect fencing to suit all types of gardens. There are a wide range of styles and sizes of fencing that can brighten or tidy up any garden.


Fences and trellis' can work very well to conceal unwanted areas of the garden or can be used to give the illusion of a bigger garden or simply to make the garden more interesting.


With the different styles and ranges of fencing and trellis' many clients want fencing for their visual effect which can be very stylish.


We are very capable of going to clients and designing their whole garden. One of our specialities is that we are able to design and construct anything that a client may desire for their gardens.


When designing a client’s garden, it does not matter to us if it’s big or small the most important thing is that our quality never diminishes and our clients always receive the best possible standards.


One thing we find is when designing a garden a very popular choice of garden is a low maintenance which we are very specialised in, for those clients that work all the hours modern businesses demand.

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We can design and construct a wide range of ponds and water features. We have designed and constructed ponds from small nature ponds to large koi pounds and even really large nature ponds with great success for our clients.


Water features can vary enormously and can range from tiny little bubble fountains to fountains that are more elaborate using a huge variety of materials.


Ponds and water features are a great asset to a garden whether it’s a small fountain or large pond, water can make a garden feel more relaxing and tranquil and in out opinion a garden shouldn’t be with out some kind of water feature.


We can design and construct a range of garden structures, from pergolas, gazebo’s and arbours, which we can design for your personal needs and requirements to suit any garden.


We don’t normally have to design garden structures because there is a huge range available from a number of different suppliers that we use for very reasonable costs.



Get in touch to find out what we can do for you, and you will be glad to know that our prices are incredibly competitive.


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